Welcome to the Heart Center at the University Medical Center Göttingen!

Cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases today represent one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Our goal here at the Heart Center is to treat these diseases in light of the newest knowledge available and using the best technical equipment at our disposal. We can assure you that the doctors, nurses and all other personnel working in the Heart Center will do their very best to ease your discomforts and heal your disease. We strive to do everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We see a trustful relationship and an open interaction with our patients as two of the basic foundations of optimal treatment.

The care provided to our patients both today and in the future is based on continual improvements to our knowledge, on the constant further development of our skills and an optimal training of all persons involved, whether doctors or nursing staff. We vow to apply our abilities and our experiences to meet the needs of your health situation and enable a swift recovery.


The Clinic for Cardiology and Pneumology at the University Medical Centre Göttingen was once again ranked amongst the top clinics nationally in the FOCUS Clinic reviews 2016, 2017 and 2018. read more

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