About us

In the Heart Center Göttingen, eight departments, the center for pediatric cardiac surgery, and the unit of Nursing Services of the University Medical Center Göttingen cooperate in the treatment of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. The departments are united in an interdisciplinary center to ensure an optimal and efficient patient care, as well as optimum research and teaching activities.

Since the inauguration of the Heart Center on 20 December 2001, our main goal is to offer a patient-oriented, open-minded and transparent high-quality medicine.

The Information Center was implemented in order to support patients with their diverse requests. Here you’ll be informed about the symptoms of a disease and therapeutic procedures, but also about special sports groups and patients’ support groups. You may obtain additional information regarding cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases from a large number of brochures, books and videos.

The close cooperation with physicians in own practices and other hospitals is the Heart Center’s special interest which is reflected in respective advanced training activities and seminars. In addition, we offer telephone consultations with our specialists where the patient can directly address his/her questions regarding therapy and treatment or just arrange an appointment.

Medical students of the University Medical Center do decisively benefit from the Heart Center. Since its inauguration an interdisciplinary curriculum (“Cardiopulmonary Teaching”) is being implemented offering a 6-week theoretical and practical course on “Diseases of the cardiovascular system and the lung” for the third clinical semester.

Another important aspect of the Heart Center are joint research projects. Here, the clinical research unit 155 funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) has been established. Furthermore, the Heart Center Göttingen coordinates two large-scale projects funded by the EU: EUGeneHeart and EUTrigTreat. In addition there are numerous high-quality research projects covering diverse topics of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.