Courses / Events

Short Methods Courses & Method Seminars; Extended Methods Courses

Winter term 2011/2012:


Cardio-Lunch: Every Tuesday, 13:00 p.m., meeting place: library, Department of Pharmacology

Scientific Method Courses

  1. Electrocardiogram: theoretical background and practical course / 
    Dr. A. Zieseniss, Prof. Dörthe Katschinski
  2. Cardiac Anatomy /  PD Dr. Jörg Männer
  3. Real-time monitoring of second messengers and protein-protein interactions in living cells by FRET microscopy  /  Dr. Viacheslav Nikolaev
  4. Langendorff heart preparation to isolate adult mouse cardiomyocyte for real-time imaging/  Dr. Viacheslav Nikolaev
  5. Proteomics /  PD Dr. Hassan Dihazi
  6. Recombinant viruses as gene shuttles in cardiovascular research /
    PD Dr. Susanne Lutz & Prof. Dr. Wolfram H. Zimmermann
  7. Tissue processing and Immunohistochemistry on tissue sections of genetically engineered mouse models  /  Prof. Felix Brembeck, Nadine Thiede  
  8. Assessing promoter activity by luciferase assays /
    Prof. Matthias Dobbelstein, Miss Schulz, Miss Schmidt
  9. Mouse echocardiography: theoretical background and practical course
    Prof. Ali El-Armouche
  10. Transgenic mouse genotyping
    Prof. Ali El-Armouche

Professional Skills Courses

  1. Project management for young scientists
  2. Animal experimentation
  3. Basic statistics for Molecular Medicine